Company information

Vacuum molding through the years

Plastiforma originated as a recycling and textile company called Vromen that was established in Enschede around the year 1900. After World War II, Vromen responded to the stagnation in the textile industry by turning its focus to vacuum forming.


In the mid-1950s, the plastic division of Vromen became independent and Plastiforma was born. In the decades that followed, the motto was 'Small is beautiful'. Plastiforma remained small in size, but produced a broad range of products, ranging from parts for pacemakers and game piece trays to bucket covers, lampshades and party hats.


Plastiforma, a family-run business for three generations, initiated a growth strategy in 1998. Thanks to an expanded staff, new technologies and machinery in a brand-new building, the company is now able to produce products for more customers, partly in new markets.