About contract packaging

  • One-stop-shop for packing
  • Own packaging department
  • Thermo-sealing
  • High-frequency welding
  • Delivery of your products

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Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

One-stop shop


We began offering this extra service to customers in 2007. Plastipaq (a subsidiary of Plastiforma) takes all the packaging work off your hands. This entails the use of such techniques as thermo-sealing and high-frequency welding.


This one-stop shop for packaging approach allows us to offer our customers the service of providing packaged products ready for use. We deliver the products to the customer or, if preferred, directly to shops/distribution centres. Plastipaq works quickly, reliably, cleanly and safely. Plastiforma and Plastipaq are both located in the same commercial building, resulting in time savings and short communication lines.


In brief, the perfect recipe for the perfect packed product!