Our vacuum products

  • Protection of products and parts
  • Displaying of products
  • Antistatic packaging

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Vacuum products

Vacuum products

Thermoformed plastic products from Plastiforma are designed to protect products and parts. When it comes to product presentation, the technique used knows no limits. In close collaboration with the customer, we can develop, for example, a blister that not only displays the product as attractively as possible, but also protects it against theft and damage.


Luxury box interiors support product branding and the design of caps and covers also takes into consideration both aesthetics and safety.


ESD-safe and antistatic packaging from Plastiforma offers special protection. And those interested in protecting the environment as much as possible can choose the biodegradable PLA material. Incidentally, Plastiforma does its part for the environment by reusing raw materials and reducing waste through clever design.