Properties & possibilities blisters:

  • Packaging of smaller products
  • Pre-printed blisters
  • Transparent blisters
  • Sealblisters
  • Good visibility of your product
  • Anti-theft
  • Closes or reclosable

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Blisters, the plastic packaging

Blisters, the plastic packaging

Blisters in many shapes


Transparent blister packaging is perfect for products that should be seen. Every blister is subject to the 'form follows function' rule.


High-frequency welded blisters, for example, are ideal for packaging theft-sensitive products. This type of packaging can only be opened using scissors or other sharp tools. The fold-over blister offers the same protection against damage, but is reclosable, offering the highest degree of flexibility for product packaging.


The pre-printed blister and seal blister on cardboard are highly suitable for displaying product information. With both types of packaging, the customer's house style or product branding can be seamlessly continued in the packaging.